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我計畫以電子實驗的形式再組織這些聲音,使其不僅和當代的感官狀態產生對話,也和更多年輕音樂工作者發生關聯。』 -李慈湄

"I reckon the urgency of identifying and developing the sound/music in Taiwan against the background of the more contemporary sound art context. The traditional music of Taiwan, unlike the western classical music articulated by systems and institutions resources, is unique in its temper (not the 12-averaging law), and simple and repetitive chord progression. I believe there is much room and potential to develop the traditional music of Taiwan in the realm of computer music.


It is my attempt to reorganize these sounds by means of electronic experimental music. The objectives are to connect them with the contemporary sensory experiences as well as the newer generations of music and sound artists."  --TM Li

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